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Database Marketing the oldest and the best

Marketing to customers intelligently through multiple channels has emerged as a key challenge for businesses today – and the essential foundation for all this work is the customer database.

• With a 14-year track record in covering the leading edge of direct marketing and customer management, Database Marketing magazine is the premier source of information on exploiting both new and traditional direct channels to the customer.
• Database Marketing magazine is the only printed monthly magazine in the UK aimed exclusively at the data-focused marketing sector.
• Reporting on both B2B and B2C issues, each issue contains real job-useful information to keep readers up to date in this rapidly changing area of business.
• Readers can also access news, recruitment advertising, feature content and other services via the Database Marketing website at


Unrivalled circulation

Bridging the gap between sales, marketing and IT, Database Marketing informs both those that work directly with the tools, techniques and data, and those that decide which systems and services to choose for their company – often one and the same person. Database Marketing’s circulation is fully reader-requested, and contains an increasing percentage of paid readers.

• 40% of the readership has a marketing or IT budget of over £500,000
• 95% of readers have purchasing influence or authority
• 69% are at senior management level or above Wouldn’t you like to talk to decision makers like these?
• Head of Customer Insight Management, Lloyds TSB
• Database Marketing Controller, Matalan
• Direct Marketing Campaign Manager, Nationwide
• Customer Database Manager, Centrica
• CRM Manager, The Body Shop
• Customer Intelligence and Analysis Manager, M&S Financial Services
• CRM Manager, Kraft Foods l Direct Marketing Manager, Toys R Us
• Marketing Database Manager, Thomson Holidays

Database Marketing is mailed monthly to 6,000 registered influential marketing and customer management professionals across different industry sectors. Total Monthly Circulation: 6,000 copies (+ bonus distribution at key industry events) Total Active Readership 21,000


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