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Big Data & the 360° customer view

4th November 2014 • MBN


By Hannah Dockery

Marketing Business Partner at MBN Solutions

Your average connected user shares a mass of personal data. Behind every Tweet or Facebook request there is a potential customer who expects a personalised, unified experience, regardless of the business they engage with.

To become a customer company, businesses need to enable all customer-facing teams to capture this data, analyse it, and respond.
The real challenge is to assemble a 360° view of a customer. What is clear is that too little information leaves you in a position where you don’t know enough to provide an engaging experience. This has to be the lower delineation and a level that sets a hurdle for the minimum a business must know and collect about their customers.

To harness Big Data to help obtain the 360° view, there are a number of steps to undertake, including: data management, governance, integration, quality, partnering and sharing, transaction processing and event monitoring, and cloud initiatives.

The principles behind 360° customer views are the very same for wider Big Data initiatives. Planning is key, as are the right people.

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