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Black Friday sees 270% rise in online shopping

30th November 2015 • News

PCA Predict analysed the 24 hours period of Black Friday to find a 270% increase in e-commerce activity throughout the day compared to a normal day (figures compared to previous Friday, 20th November).

Graph of Black Friday 2015 against average day

While high streets recorded a fall in shoppers this year, PCA Predict found a clear 16% rise in consumers going online compared to Black Friday 2014 indicating a strong shift in customers preferring to use the web to bag their bargains.

Graph of Black Friday 2015 against Black Friday 2014

PCA Predict also identified a trend in the device usage over the day. While the hours of midnight to 7am marked the first time smartphones outranked desktops, there was a shift as people headed into work which saw desktop usage increase and take the lead when shoppers were in the office, resulting in it being the major device of choice overall (54%). Whether the nation’s productivity fell as a result remains unclear.

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