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Addressing: it pays to get it right

24th August 2017 • FeaturesComments (0)

Contributors: Aron Gelbard | CEO, Bloom and Wild Graham Clark | Sales Director, helpIT Systems John Griffiths | Client Accounts Manager, Hopewiser Maria Hopper | Data Protection Manager, Cleveland Police Phil Fryer | Head of IT, Safestore It may slip under the radar, but addressing software underpins a multitude of key business functions, as the [&hellip...

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washing machines

It’s time to clean up your act

17th August 2017 • FeaturesComments (0)

by James Lawson, Consulting Editor Transferring files back and forth to an external data cleanser can be a time-consuming and risky process. What are the alternatives? Contributors: Alex Dickerson | Enterprise Solutions Sales Lead, Celerity Mark Webb | Ops...

Roundtable discussion

Talking ’bout a revolution

7th July 2017 • FeaturesComments (0)

Database Marketing convened a roundtable of some of the industry’s leading lights, supported by The REaD Group, to take a deep dive into the biggest topic in data. The word ‘revolution’ is one of those much-abused clichés that find their way into too...

Cogs and gears

Automation in a digital world

6th April 2017 • FeaturesComments (0)

by James Lawson, consulting editor Integration remains a key challenge for marketers in today’s digital world. Contributors Raj Balasundaram | Global Head of Solutions, Emarsys Robin Collyer | Leader in Next Best Action & Contextual Customer...

Tarot cards

2017: in your words

28th March 2017 • FeaturesComments (0)

After another turbulent year and with plenty of significant change lying ahead, we ask the industry what they think the next year might bring for data and insight-driven marketers… GDPR Chris Combemale, CEO, DMA group “May 2018 should be a date that is in...


Aspiring to true insight in modern B2B marketing

15th March 2017 • FeaturesComments (0)

by James Lawson, consulting editor If today’s B2B marketers genuinely aspire to true insight and turning those aspirations into workable realities, it takes more than simply splashing out on a new analytics system Contributors: Simon Lawrence | Founder...

Data cleansing market awash with choice

10th January 2017 • FeaturesComments (0)

by James Lawson, consulting editor Marketers have never been better served when it comes to data cleansing with a wider array of quick, easy and inexpensive solutions available to them than ever before. Contributors: Cyril Law | solutions director, Callcredit...


The rage to engage

9th January 2017 • FeaturesComments (0)

by James Lawson, consulting editor With more noise than ever before in the field of email marketing, effective engagement remains the holy grail that both indicates success and informs future actions. Contributors: Adam Herbert | business development...


Making a quick capture

9th January 2017 • FeaturesComments (0)

by James Lawson, Contributing Editor Online registration forms sit at the heart of much online marketing, which makes rapid addressing solutions a vital tool in quick, accurate data capture. Contributors: Jason Goodwin | general manager, EDQ Mark Carrington |...

Zooming through cyberspace

The need for speed

5th January 2017 • FeaturesComments (0)

by James Lawson, contributing editor Contributors: Darren Cudlip | commercial director, GB Group Jim Conning | managing director, data services, Royal Mail Mark Webb | operations director, Alchemetrics Mike Fox | director, UKChanges Murdo Ross | head of...