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This time, it’s personal

15th January 2015 • FeaturesComments (0)

How demand for data changed the role of agencies by James Lawson, Contributing Editor Every aspect of the marketing mix generates huge volumes of data and with consumer demands for more personalised marketing, the industry has woken up to the power of this data, which puts data agencies in a position of strength. Following a [&hellip...

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The trouble with tracking customer journeys

1st October 2014 • FeaturesComments (0)

Seeking a true measure of ROI remains out of the reach of the majority of marketers, but with many customer journeys existing online, developments in web analytics have smoothed the path, though multi-channel attribution requires jumping many hurdles....

Cracking the code

16th September 2014 • FeaturesComments (0)

The DMA has launched a new code which it says will usher in a ‘new era’ for the one-on-one marketing industry, so what exactly does this mean for those who work with delivering ROI from data on a day to day basis? The upstanding database marketing...

Speed and efficiency are cleaning up

10th September 2014 • FeaturesComments (0)

The availability of increasingly faster and cheaper processing power is enabling MSPs to cleanse data and match prospect data to suppression files with better speed and efficiency. Speed is obviously vital for real or near real-time customer data cleansing...

IoF Insight in Fundraising Awards

6th August 2014 • FeaturesComments (0)

By Antony Begley The third annual IoF Insight in Fundraising Awards were held recently and Database Marketing was there to review the night and report on the winners. The third annual IoF Insight in Fundraising Awards saw Gold, Silver and Bronze awards...

Does the industry finally consider PAF fit for purpose?

6th August 2014 • FeaturesComments (0)

By James Lawson The new PAF licence has paved the way for simpler per-click pricing and more frequent updates, meaning that address management is more user- and price-friendly for UK businesses, but is that having the effect it should? Though a...

Online sophistication goes up against desktop security and integration

6th August 2014 • FeaturesComments (0)

By James Lawson Online marketing services are becoming sophisticated enough to blur the line between them and Saas, but it is the development of new dektop systems that are breaking new ground. Self-service cleansing and data purchase websites are now...

Turning posts into pounds

31st July 2014 • FeaturesComments (0)

By James Lawson Social media may be an increasingly vital weapon in the data marketer’s armoury, but what are the most effective ways of leveraging social to get a genuine ROI? Whether it’s sales, service or marketing, everyone knows that social media is...

Quality outweighs quantity in behaviour modeling

8th July 2014 • FeaturesComments (0)

By James Lawson Cold acquisition is a classic predictive modelling application, and marketers have plenty to think about when choosing the modelling techniques to use. For a start, do you want to deliver maximum response – or maximum value? And how can you...