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Social media evolution requires targeting shift

11th June 2014 • NotebookComments (0)

The generation known as Millennials get their content from social media before any other channel, which must change the way they’re targeted. Anew survey by SDL has revealed that millennials turn to social networks for content discovery first, drastically outranking online and customisable newsfeeds. SDL says that this means volume of content doesn’t...

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Almost a third of consumers mistrust Government on personal data

11th March 2014 • NotebookComments (0)

Latest figures indicate that 31% of UK and US consumers do not trust their Government with their personal data. A new report from the Global Research Business Network on attitudes to personal and sensitive data has revealed that, on average, almost a third...

Rebuilding trust, key to rebuilding the economy

11th January 2014 • NotebookComments (0)

ICS survey says firms will focus on customer service after satisfaction reached plateau in 2013. Having conducted a survey on trends in customer service, the Institute of Customer Service is predicting that customer service will become a more influential...

Retailers ‘missing a trick’ on consumer trust

19th September 2013 • NotebookComments (0)

New research by The Data Agency indicates that consumer trust in retailers with their sensitive personal data has fallen by 11% in only two years. The research, which looked at the attitudes of over 1,200 consumers, names the retail brands that are winning...

32% of businesses ‘still have no social media strategy’

18th August 2013 • NotebookComments (0)

Almost a third of businesses in the UK are yet to develop a social media strategy, according to a new report released this month. Social media has risen in the past year with over two thirds implementing it into their organisations, but alarmingly one third...

Billions of opt-in emails ‘never reach consumers’, says study

7th August 2013 • NotebookComments (0)

Some 22% of marketing emails sent with subscribers’ permission never reached their inboxes during the first half of 2013; that’s the shocking finding from the latest Placement Benchmarks Report produced for Return Path, the email intelligence...

Experian data reveals singleton capitals of Britain

1st July 2013 • NotebookComments (0)

With the 2011 Census highlighting over seven million single person households in England and Wales, new analysis released Experian has revealed that the average ‘singleton’ in the UK is most likely to live in central Nottingham, Edinburgh or Newcastle....