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Deceased mail set to soar in 2017

26th January 2017 • NotebookComments (0)

Direct mail sent to people that have passed away is set to surpass 200 million pieces for the first time because of the increasing mortality rate, according to a new study by Wilmington Millennium. 2016 has already earned its place in history as the year of celebrity death, with the BBC obituary writer stating that [&hellip...

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A monster under the bed

Data trumps social for marketers

12th January 2017 • NotebookComments (0)

Seventy-two percent of marketers consider data analysis to be the most important skill for their organisation to acquire over the next two years. That’s according to a new report from international marketing technology brand BlueVenn, ‘Customer data: The...

Covering eyes from computer

Better data analysis eluding marketers, says Callcredit

4th January 2017 • NotebookComments (0)

A survey of senior marketers has revealed that the vast majority (96%) find improving data analysis processes a significant challenge. This is despite devoting an average of five hours and 36 minutes a week to the cause. The Data Dilemma study of 151 UK...

Old man

Age-based targeting losing appeal for the silver segment, says Canadean

9th November 2016 • NotebookComments (0)

Traditional techniques used to market products to older consumers – the so-called ‘silver segment’ – are not necessarily relevant or effective today, as the demographic starts to reject outmoded stereotypes associated with ageing, according to...

Junk mail in waste basket

Decline in ‘junked’ mail

7th November 2016 • NotebookComments (0)

Better targeting is cited as a key factor in a “significant” reduction in the number of pieces of direct mail that are thrown away and recycled unopened. Research from Wilmington Millennium Mortascreen reveals that 1.3 billion items went straight in the...

Despairing at data

Data is hindering – not helping – marketers, says Callcredit

6th October 2016 • NotebookComments (0)

If you’re included among the large group of senior marketers who suffer from data anxiety then you could probably do without poring over the latest research from Callcredit Information Group. The survey of 151 marketing bigwigs found 82% of them predicting...

Young people

Challenger banks: don’t forget the kids, says Aspect

5th October 2016 • NotebookComments (0)

Challenger banks and building societies may be limiting their growth prospects by failing to focus their efforts on under-18s, according to recent research from Aspect Software. The research, conducted by Vanson Bourne on behalf of Aspect, surveyed 100 senior...

Toy robot

It’s time for tech to invigorate marketing

26th September 2016 • NotebookComments (0)

Forty-two per cent of consumers think brands need to engage their customers better, according to new research from Pitney Bowes, a customer engagement solutions provider. The survey of over 1,100 British consumers highlighted other frustrations around...

Marketing's mythical beasts

Majority of marketers can’t calculate customer value

19th September 2016 • NotebookComments (0)

Two thirds of marketers don’t believe they can accurately calculate the value of their customers. That’s according to a new Mythical Beasts of Marketing storybook launched today (19th September) by marketing technology brand BlueVenn. The book, which...

Detail of retention infographic

It pays to spend on retention, says Forbes and Sailthru

15th September 2016 • NotebookComments (0)

Companies that increase their investments in customer retention realise significant advantages in increasing market share, managing customer churn and optimising acquisition over those that invest primarily in customer acquisition. That’s the conclusion of...