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Why can marketers no longer live without automation?

10th August 2017 • OpinionsComments (0)

by Adam Oldfield, Managing Director of UK-built and managed marketing automation specialist Force24. There was a time when some marketers thought automation technology meant being lazy; relying on generic batch and blast techniques to reach a mass audience. That couldn’t be further from the truth. In an era where relevance is so important, the days...

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Etienne Greeff

Five warning signs your business is not GDPR-ready

3rd August 2017 • OpinionsComments (0)

With less than a year until the General Data Protection Regulation starts being enforced, every organisation needs to sit up and take compliance seriously. Etienne Greeff, CTO & Founder of SecureData Even though the clock is ticking, 50% of companies...

Jon Cano-Lopez

PM’s outlook: the way I see it

12th April 2017 • OpinionsComments (0)

by Jon Cano-Lopez, CEO, REaD Group I’m becoming slightly irritated by the media debate around whether or not the Prime Minister has ‘done enough’ at this stage to set out what the next steps will be in negotiating Brexit. How is it in any way reasonable...

Richard Webber

Minorities march on middle England

20th March 2017 • OpinionsComments (0)

In an increasingly diversified United Kingdom, it’s time that marketers got to grips with minority groups’ data to unlock a new world of opportunity. Professor Richard Webber In an age drowning in data, it surprised many to hear HM Government complaining...

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B2B marketing hamstrung by disconnected data

16th January 2017 • OpinionsComments (0)

by Judith Niederschelp, MD, Aberdeen Group Europe In a golden age of data, Aberdeen Group Europe’s MD asks why so many B2B marketers are not satisfied with their ability to use it effectively. Customer experience management is the darling of B2B Marketing...

Both contentious and confusing. Why can’t they get FPS right?! 

10th November 2016 • OpinionsComments (0)

by Mark Roy, Founder and Chairman, REaD Group Charity noun An organisation set up to provide help and raise money for those in need. The above sounds like an important job to me, especially when one considers the knifing that government cuts has given the...

Binary information as far as the eye can see

What do companies use all this data for?

13th October 2016 • OpinionsComments (0)

by Rob Eaton, Director of Sales, International, Avention When I explain to friends what I do for a living, one of the first questions they ask is, “what do companies use all this data for?” It’s a great leveller, because it makes me think about the...

Two fingers in love

Marketing and automation: a match made in heaven

15th September 2016 • OpinionsComments (0)

Howard Williams As most marriage counsellors will tell you, any partnership can experience the fact that a gradual decline in interaction will lead to dwindling interest and, ultimately, dissatisfaction. Marketing activities often work the same way, so how do...

Lang Smith

Five reasons predictive analytics make or break a modern marketing engine

18th July 2016 • OpinionsComments (0)

by Lang Smith, Founder, Signalytics For a sales-driven organisation, it isn’t the size of your data that matters, it’s what you do with it. No longer a discretionary luxury, predictive analytics are now the name of the game for those who seek to utilise...

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Why do we need to change? Because we do!

12th May 2016 • OpinionsComments (0)

Guy Milsom, BDM, Occam Change happens whether you like it or not. So how do you control it? Well you can’t. The main thing that businesses need to do is to understand and encourage change, foster it and embrace the inevitable. Even when you have achieved...