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Mark Roy

Privacy Shield is no better than Safe Harbour

26th April 2016 • OpinionsComments (0)

Mark Roy, Chairman of REaD Group It comes as no surprise that the pan-European data regulatory group, Article 29, has rejected the recently repackaged EU-US data deal, ‘Privacy Shield’.  After all, what’s new? On the face of it, the latest deal promises stronger compliance obligations and more robust systems for redress. But upon closer inspection,...

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Chris Pitt

When are we, the marketers, going to admit we aren’t doing a very good job?

13th April 2016 • OpinionsComments (0)

In a changing world, what it means to be good at your job as a marketer has changed. With simply being efficient no longer enough – the new nirvana is now ‘effective efficiency’. Chris Pitt There were some very interesting results from a recent survey...

Jon Cano-Lopez

Take it as REaD

12th April 2016 • Features, OpinionsComments (0)

After a long and successful career in the data marketing industry Jon Cano-Lopez took over the reins at The REaD Group a year and a half ago and has helped refocus the business with a new, high-powered management team and a freshly unified strategy. Antony...

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Too many businesses just don’t get omni-channel

10th February 2016 • OpinionsComments (0)

Andy Wood, Managing Director, GI Insight The term ‘omni-channel’ has gained currency as the approach to marketing and customer engagement of the future, but alarmingly, too many companies are failing to accomplish a truly co-ordinated approach to all...

Emma Thwaites

Data bites

28th January 2016 • OpinionsComments (0)

by Emma Thwaites, Client Services Director, Alchemetrics With huge competition and limited consumer spend in the food and beverage sector, driving consumer loyalty through an integrated SCV system is a must in the age of data. When it comes to choosing a...

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Are you doing enough to prevent identity fraud?

11th January 2016 • OpinionsComments (0)

Karen Pritchard, Product Director, Wilmington Millennium When we carried out research, asking ex-offenders to rank common methods of ID theft in order of popularity, mail theft (including stealing someone’s direct mail such as credit card application...

Nicola Askham

Understanding data governance

17th December 2015 • OpinionsComments (0)

by Nicola Askham, The Data Governance Coach, on behalf of Stibo Systems Understanding exactly what data governance means is the first step to getting a strategy in place, but there remains a number of common mistakes made by firms when it comes to...

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Data isn’t a dirty word

26th November 2015 • OpinionsComments (0)

Adam Williams, Managing Director of DBS Data Horror stories arising from data breaches make great headlines but this media fixation has in some corners of society created a moral panic that any data that we share will be exposed and used for nefarious means....

Ardi Kolah

Be prepared!

19th November 2015 • OpinionsComments (0)

by Ardi Kolah Discussion may still be ongoing in Brussels but Ardi Kolah believes that database marketers need to prepare now for the new EU General Data Protection Regulation, which is due to come into effect at some point in the very near future – and...

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How banks are stitching data to win customers

28th October 2015 • OpinionsComments (0)

Adrian Kingwell, Founder and MD of Mezzo Labs Marketers in financial services are facing a massive challenge: Apple and Google are turning smart phones into payment devices; peer-to-peer lenders offer lower-APR loans and higher-rate saving schemes; and each...