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Contactlab’s platform looks to help brands go that bit further

27th September 2016 • News

Contactlab has launched a new customer engagement marketing platform, intended to cater for the increasing levels of personalisation demanded by consumers.

The SaaS platform is made up of a suite of three products which offer data-capture, data-intelligence and data-activation: Contacthub, Contactplan, and Contactsend. These are designed to present a customised integration to gain insights into the context of each customer and deepen customer engagement.

Data science on cloud infrastructure forms the basis of the platform. Analytics tools, data visualisation and proprietary analysis methodologies for the identification of the most important segments provide each product with advanced analysis features, metrics and specific models for different market sectors. This, says Contactlab, allows brands to “create a customer engagement programme that builds one-to-one relationships with customers by making effective use of the information database available”.

Markets can be segmented based on demographic, behavioural information and pre-determined KPIs, such as engagement index or spending level.

“Brands need to be more strategic in their use of marketing and recognise that consumers are more demanding than ever,” said Massimo Fubini, CEO of Contactlab.

“Our single interface, makes it easy for marketers to navigate through and manage their campaigns in few easy clicks. Data-driven marketing is at the heart of creating personalised messages and brands will be able to reap the benefits from feedback, statistics and detailed reports.”

Contactsend and Contactplan are already available on the market, while Contacthub is currently in the early adoption phase with several clients and will be released before the end of 2016.

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