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Countdown hits zero on SmartBlock launch

25th February 2016 • News

Fresh Relevance has added to its range of SmartBlocks with the launch of Animated Countdown Timers.

CEO of Fresh Relevance, Mike Austin, commented: “Countdown timers are a well proven tool for creating a sense of urgency, anticipation and alertness in the mind of the customer. Since launching our first generation timers we have seen widespread adoption. Our new improved version delivers a great advance on anything currently on the market and we look forward to seeing the new uses that marketers invent for them.”

The new Animated Countdown Timers combine 60 frames into a single high-impact animated GIF (using full HTML and CSS), making it easy and quick to position both on a website and within an email. Fresh Relevance is able to deliver very fast simultaneous image frame formatting, using lots of cloud servers in parallel, and then combine these formatted frames into a GIF.

Animated Countdown Timers can be fully utilised cross-channel, so they can be placed anywhere on a website (and in multiple locations), as well as within marketing emails (including automated cart and browse abandonment messages) to ensure the visitor/recipient always knows exactly how long they have to act.

Austin added: “What is more, like all of the features in our SmartBlock range, Animated Countdown Timers also have the option for personalisation, and the ability to work in real-time to change the content of Countdown Timer in emails that have already been sent, all without the need for special editing knowledge.”

The Animated Countdown Timer SmartBlock is available now from Fresh Relevance. It follows the recent launch of its Social Proof SmartBlock, which enables online retailers to share with shoppers real-time statistics.

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One Response to Countdown hits zero on SmartBlock launch

  1. Peter Austin says:

    Here\’s a working version of that \”Countdown to the EU Referendum\” timer, free for anyone who wants to use it.

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