Cyance launches B2B contact update service

11th July 2016 • News

Cyance has launched a new data transformation service to help B2B marketers rapidly update and enhance their contact data.

The Oxfordshire-based predictive marketing firm showcased the new service, dubbed Contact Intel, at the recent Business Marketing Collective event, BMC Converge.

At the event, Cyance’s CEO, Jon Clarke, said of the new service: “We asked B2B marketers at a number of agencies and organisations to tell us their biggest challenges. The overwhelming majority cited managing and enhancing contact data as their main headache.

“That’s what drove us to launch Contact Intel. Put simply, it gives B2B marketers a very fast and simple way to update, enhance and maximise the value of their B2B contact data.”

Provided as a bureau service, Contact Intel matches prospect and customer contact data against Cyance’s Global Multiverse – an aggregated database of more than 650 million records worldwide. This allows B2B marketers to identify any contacts in their database that are no longer relevant – such as those who have changed job – and to update with new contact data.

Decision makers can also be tracked to their new company and job with full details available if required.

Steve Russell, Business Development Director at Cyance, added: “The overwhelming majority of organisations struggle to maintain good quality contact data. B2B contact data decays by 30% per year on average. This severely hampers marketing and sales performance as these data inaccuracies manifest in lost opportunities, wasted spend and unproductive effort.

“In our experience, many organisations don’t realise they have an issue. That’s why we offer to take a sample of their contact data and demonstrate to what extent it has decayed and what Contact Intel can do to update and enhance it, before they proceed.”

As part of its data enhancement capabilities, the service also appends richer insights to contact data, including data gathered from social media such as social profiles, job titles, skills and interests.

Pete Jakob, Managing Director at Purple Salix, said of Contact Intel: “Cyance ran my CRM data through their new service. The results were a revelation. 25% of the contacts I market to had changed job. Now I’ve cut a massive amount of wasted spend from my marketing activity.”

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