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Data Scientists… who needs them?

18th September 2014 • MBN, Opinions


By Hannah Dockery

Marketing Business Partner at MBN Solutions

It’s a question we are frequently asked, “do we really need a data scientist”? Much is written about tools, analytics, business information and “Big Data” but comparatively little about the key ingredient in bringing the benefits to fruition: the human talent to bring it all together.

For many organisations, the accessibility of the tools to deliver analytics and data mining has led to an increased awareness of the benefits.
However, these benefits have not always been realised because the responsibility to deliver results has been vested to someone in the IT or marketing departments.

We don’t think you can do a great deal without real experts. Call them Data Scientists if you like, but these are the real alchemists who transform an inchoate mass of bits and bytes into a dataset suitable for analysis.

The right people in this key role can interface with your other key senior executives. So the real question you should be asking is “do we need them now”? Talent is in short supply, so now is the time to put real effort into your recruitment and talent management strategy.

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