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DBS Data launches new multichannel service for CATI projects

2nd August 2017 • News

DBS Data, a UK business and consumer marketing data specialist, has unveiled a new service named Total Sampling.

Total Sampling enables organisations running CATI projects to access DBS’s rich data sources to improve response rates and the quality of telephone surveys, by sourcing, screening and scheduling calls via email, digital display and social media.

Adam Williams (pictured), Managing Director of DBS Data, explained: “Until now the two main options for polling consumers has been online and telephone. Online is low-cost but prone to exploitation by ‘professional’ survey takers that can skew results. Whilst, telephone-based campaigns can provide better data, but are prone to high costs and lower response rates.

“Total Sampling enables organisations to accurately target the exact audience they want to reach, qualify them and book a convenient time to receive a call to run through the survey.”

DBS’s Total Sampling multichannel approach includes:

  • Managed email broadcasts – Candidates that respond to the email are sent to a hosted screener via a link. Those who qualify are asked to register a time and date where they are willing to be interviewed.
  • Serving adverts and links to Facebook – DBS serves adverts to the target audience of Facebook users, which drives more relevant traffic into the pre-screen process. Typically, DBS matches over 70% of its telephone sample by targeting via social media.
  • Publisher networks – Targeted links and adverts are inserted into relevant emails and newsletters. This allows the screener link to be sent to the largest, most attention rich-audiences available, making it easier to achieve sample goals.

Total Sampling has already been trailed by a UK cancer charity that was struggling with how to engage with a hard-to-reach audience. The charity wanted to conduct telephone interviews with people who had been diagnosed with cancer and this sensitive topic was not something that traditional telephone sample lists could assist with. Using Total Sampling, DBS worked with the charity to invite participants via its publisher network, social media and email to register a time for the call if they were interested in doing so.

The results far exceeded the expectations of the charity. Within seven days DBS had screened and recruited the target 250 respondents, with 80% of interviews successfully completed, enabling the charity to finish its research earlier than planned.

Total Sampling is available now from DBS Data.

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