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DMA supports Which? campaign to stamp-out rogue callers

15th June 2015 • News

The DMA has welcomed the latest Which? initiative to stamp out rogue telemarketers and cold callers.

The initiative asks consumers to complain about nuisance calls, to ensure previously set-out recommendations by the Which? Taskforce are effective.

“If more consumers complain, this begins a virtuous circle, where rogue callers can be held to account and prosecuted by the Information Commissioner’s Office. This in turn will act as a deterrent for those considering rogue telemarketing,” said John Mitchison, the DMA’s Head of Preference Services, Legal and Compliance, and member of the Which? Nuisance Calls Taskforce.

In 2014, Ed Vaizey, Minister for Culture and the Digital Economy asked consumer advocacy group Which? to convene a taskforce to review consent and lead generation issues. The taskforce comprises political, industry, regulatory and trade body representatives.

The recommendations include prescriptions for dealing with technical issues, reforming business management practices, as well as suggestions for regulatory and legislative changes.

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