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DQ Global integrates with appRules

19th November 2015 • Software News & Reviews

DQ Global, a global provider of data quality software and services, has announced its integration with appRules. With DQ Global technologies inside of appRules, users now have access to the most up to date Workflow Rules Automation Technology. 

AppRules combines data migration, integration, data quality improvement and business rules orchestration in a single interface – providing data management professionals with the ability to create robust processes across over 80 applications and databases. Using appRules users can now connect and process disparate data sources, improve the quality of the data within them and ensure the data is fit for business use with ease.

Built upon the Windows Workflow Foundation technology from Microsoft – as used in applications like BizTalk and MS Dynamics – appRules has over 80 connectors to a host of business applications, including: CRM, ERP and accounting solutions as well as connectors to social media, big data, spreadsheets, files and both on-premise and cloud hosted databases.

Once connected to sources and targets, users can configure workflow activities for data transformation, data quality improvement, reference to master data, single customer view creation and execution of business rules.

“High quality data is a major contributor to business success and businesses are increasingly relying on data to drive every part of their operations. Using the latest Workflow and Rules Automation Software will help companies to manage their data efficiently and effectively,” said Martin Doyle, CEO at DQ Global.

“Data is everywhere and now needs to be connected in smarter ways. appRules is a new paradigm in data management designed to increase the trust in corporate data and give the business control over how it’s workflows are both built and deployed,” continued Doyle. “We have had some great feedback so far from users and we are looking forward to working with companies and partners using our new appRules tool.”

AppRules with DQ inside is licensed annually and available for a 30 day free trial. DQ Global will be hosting a webinar on 10th December to demonstrate its capabilities.

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