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DQ Global launches new features to Perfect & Merge for MS Dynamics CRM

16th March 2016 • News

DQ Global has released Perfect & Merge for MS Dynamics CRM with new automated Master Record Selection features. 

Perfect & Merge offers many more capabilities than the out-of-the-box duplicate detection in MS Dynamics CRM, allowing for multiple duplicate records to be reviewed and processed side by side. With the new master record management features, users can further reduce reviewing times by auto-selecting the best record through configurable master record selection rules. These rules allow automated record selection and promotion based on the following options: newest or oldest record; most or least complete record; and – for account records – the one with the most or least contact records attached.

“We are constantly developing and improving our software and this latest new feature will save a lot of review time for data stewards”, said Martin Doyle, CEO at DQ Global. “We are looking forward to releasing more new features on a regular and ongoing basis.”

The next few weeks will see the release of another level of Master Record Management with auto-fill features, where the master (Golden) record will have its fields auto-filled from the duplicate group in order to create the best possible record. Utilising highly configurable rules, users will be able to select the best field values, or best field group values, which include: most or least occurring value; highest or lowest number; oldest or newest date; true or false Boolean; hierarchy of trust and more.

These new features empower users to create a Golden Record Automatically.  Users will further reduce review times which will increase data steward productivity and CRM record consistency.

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