Epsilon ‘reimagines’ digital messaging with new launch

20th August 2013 • Software News & Reviews

By James Lawson
Epsilon has launched Agility Harmony, a digital messaging solution it describes as a “next generation platform for global marketers”. The company believes the cloud-based solution will enable the creation and delivery of cutting-edge email and cross-channel campaigns that drive better results for brands and enable a more valuable experience for customers. The platform allows for seamless integration and strategic growth across both established and emerging digital channels.

Andrew Frawley, President of Epsilon, said: “Agility Harmony is the first solution built from the ground up to be omnichannel and was developed with input from thousands of digital marketing professionals across the globe. It’s designed to help brands orchestrate campaigns across email, social and mobile and is engineered to evolve as new channels emerge and mature. We are thrilled to be able to put all of this power into the hands of our clients to help them achieve success and engage consumers using Agility Harmony.”

Agility Harmony harnesses cross-enterprise and cross-channel data and is engineered to integrate with existing marketing and database systems. The data-driven, cloud-based solution is equipped to deliver thousands of campaigns per second and billions of customised messages per year, around the globe. It also features an adaptable architecture and modern user interface designed to boost creativity, collaboration and individual productivity for enterprise digital marketing teams.

“New channels emerge regularly and it’s clear that Facebook and Twitter are not the end of the social landscape. As others gain traction and marketers look to engage with consumers across new channels, Agility Harmony is equipped to adapt and integrate across these evolving channels in a seamless manner,” added Frawley.

Key differentiators of Agility Harmony include:
Accelerated productivity and teamwork: Agility Harmony provides capabilities designed to eliminate roadblocks to collaboration and creativity and boost productivity among members of a digital marketing organisation. For example, Agility Harmony lets administrators create highly customised user profiles by assigning any combination of more than 100 user-based permissions and tuning the platform to a user’s specific needs.

Additionally, Agility Harmony automatically maps the interface to the user’s preferred time zone and language, including English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and Korean. Flexible campaign storage models, pre-deployment checklists and approvals and a real-time notifications and alerts center also contribute to enhancing individual productivity.

Fast and precise campaign targeting: Agility Harmony features easy-to-use, built-in segmentation capabilities for high performance as well as support of advanced dynamic content that allows marketers to target messages to key individual consumers. Integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks enables email subscribers to share content and amplify the marketer’s reach for a specific message or offer.

Agility Harmony also features a visual workflow editor that injects drag-and-drop simplicity into building cross-channel campaigns and composing sophisticated business rules.

Mobile device optimisation: Agility Harmony is designed to help marketers optimise email campaigns via embedded best practices and responsive design support. It also supports individually optimised content based on the type of device being used to access the message. An inbox preview feature allows marketers to preview messages in a wide variety of inboxes and on numerous mobile devices for quality assurance. Agility Harmony also gives marketers the ability to report on activity on mobile devices versus PCs to better understand customer behaviour.

Big Data enablement: Agility Harmony empowers marketers to integrate and leverage a wide variety of data from anywhere in the enterprise as well as from cross-channel campaigns and use it to drive customer engagement. Multi-tiered organisations have the ability to maintain a master profile of email subscribers and share it across business units, such as divisions or other brands. Users can build targeted queries based on deep profile attributes and response activity and subscriber views are available based on both communication touch points and response history.

Unique preemptive campaign optimisation: Agility Harmony introduces advanced reporting and analytics based on “active intelligence,” which gives marketers the ability to optimise campaign results before and immediately after deploying an email campaign. The solution also delivers a broader array of campaign metrics, including subscription performance and response activity.

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