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Finding the perfect analyst

12th February 2015 • MBN


By Hannah Dockery

It might seem like folly to worry about finding the perfect candidate for your analytics role, when such skills are already in high demand. However, the old saying ‘recruit in haste, repent at leisure’ is as true as ever.

An analyst may be called upon to draw out what internal customers really need, or communicate a compelling case for action, or simplify some technical detail. A useful way to bring this to life is to think of your analytical candidate as in fact fulfilling a number of roles, or having to ‘wear a number of hats’. This can vary from business-to-business and sector-to-sector but common themes are that your hire will need to be:

• a data scientist (navigating multiple systems and drilling into merged data to find important patterns)
• a statistician or economist (creating hypotheses and models from raw analysis)
• a psychologist (using listening and questioning skills to get to the real need and interpreting human behaviour)
• an artist (from data visualisation to aesthetically pleasing slides, presentation of information that engages readers)
• a storyteller (grabbing attention with a compelling summary of findings with demands action)

Quite a tall order, to find all that in one candidate, to be sure. The seniority of the role should influence how mature you expect your analyst to be in each capability, but it can be a useful framework with which to explore a candidate’s wider competencies. You are looking beyond a relevant degree and evidence of past analytical work.

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