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Free mailshot creation tool updated

29th September 2015 • News

Direct mail specialist DMP has relaunched its updated free, online tool for creating mailshots.

The platform, Hello Market, lets users create bespoke mailshots online then click to post out hard copy mailings allowing them to communicate with customers in a dynamic, tailored and relevant way.  It has been upgraded to professional graphic design standards giving extra tools, options and capability.

Tony Kemp (pictured), Managing Director of DMP, said: “The software is more flexible than anything else out there and it is free. Data can be used in ways previously thought impossible. Whatever the user knows about their customer, they can use to make tailored mailings pertinent and relevant to that individual, making it much more effective.

“Changes can be made in flight so designers can use pictures and text relevant to individuals regardless of how many are required. No design has a minimum order. Hello Market means maximum efficiency with the greatest impact.”

Hello Market offers a range of templates, or confident designers can go freestyle. The system will save completed jobs so monthly mailings can easily be kept together and personalised templates tweaked and used time and again.

Kemp concluded: “There are no costs associated with accessing Hello Market, no licences to buy or programmes to pay for and download. Users create their mailshots then DMP prints and posts them all out with the customer paying for the hard copies they create.”

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