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Government’s ID verification service partners with Royal Mail

26th March 2015 • News

Royal Mail has been chosen as a partner for the GOV.UK Verify programme to enable individuals to sign in securely to Government digital services. The firm is partnering with GB Group and Avoco Secure to provide this service.

The company is one of a group of nine identity providers who have met stringent security and service standards. Royal Mail will carry out checks when individuals apply to create their reusable online identity (ID), confirming their identity information before creation which then allows them access to Government services online from later this year. Currently, nine Government services have signed up to use the GOV.UK service, with many more in the pipeline to follow.

Members of the public will be asked to choose which of the certified companies they would like to verify their identity. It will take individuals around 15 minutes to have their identity verified for the first time. Once a user has registered with an identity provider, they will be able to sign in to all digital services that use the GOV.UK Verify service and require the same level of assurance, using credentials provided to them by their identity provider.

Royal Mail will use permissioned Redirection service information, together with multiple credit reference agency data, to confirm and protect people’s identities so that they can access Government services online safely and easily.

Jim Conning, Managing Director of Royal Mail Data Services, said: “Royal Mail is delighted to have been chosen to partner GOV.UK’s Verify service, providing verification of individuals so that they can access Government service online safely and easily.

“Up to two million people a year use Royal Mail’s Redirection service, which helps them protect themselves from ID fraud. Providing verification of individuals for the GOV.UK Verify service is a natural extension of our ID services.”

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