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Intermedia Global unveils Land Finder

25th November 2015 • Software News & Reviews

Intermedia Global (IMG), a provider of B2B & B2C direct marketing database solutions, has launched a new service aimed at developers and builders.

Land Finder is designed to identify sites suitable for development in line with a clients’ specific criteria – which may include open fields suitable for solar farms, or existing private residential land and large gardens suitable for development and close to existing road networks.

By overlaying third party opted-in data to existing Land Registry data, Land Finder offers developers a third dimension to identifying qualifying sites, allowing land owners to be contacted via a multitude of marketing channels. Data is supplied to clients with a 12-month usage licence and fully compliant with DMA and ICO best practice guidelines.

Land Finder offers a cost-saving approach for developers by reducing their field-based activities. It also facilitates the avoidance of competitive auctions and tenders, as prospective land will be off-market.

Land Finder is delivered to the client as a completed project as both a database and Google Earth KMZ to enable visualisation of all qualifying properties, prior to contact being made with land owners. This also means field representatives are not required to validate potential plots in the early stages.

This project is spearheaded by Andy Chesterman who, with 15 years’ experience in the data industry heads the Consumer Data & Product Development Division of IMG. The project is supported by Ian Dee, a geo-solutions professional with 15 years’ experience with some of the industry’s leading businesses, including Airbus Defence and Blue Sky International.

For more information on Land Finder, please contact Andy Chesterman on 01234 831000, or email

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