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Iovox unveils campaign evaluation tool

6th April 2017 • News

Iovox, a global call analytics company, has launched a new solution that provides marketers with enhanced data analytics, enabling them to make more informed decisions when evaluating the performance of inbound marketing campaigns.

Iovox’s new Multichannel Marketing solution is specifically designed for companies using multiple marketing channels to drive inbound calls to their business.

Multichannel Marketing applies a unique phone number to each referring domain that generates call traffic — whether it’s paid, organic, social, email, or offline. Combined with analytics from Iovox, marketers have insight into the performance of each channel and can tune spending accordingly.

“Despite the perception that interaction is all moving online, business phone calls continue to grow and marketers are waking up to the need to track what marketing spend is driving the all-important call,” said Carl Di Cicco, Chief Commercial Officer for Iovox. “Marketing focused call-tracking solutions exist in the market, but tests prove that the results are often wildly inaccurate and can deliver a poor customer experience. We believe bad data can cause more problems than no data when it comes to business-critical marketing decisions. The Iovox platform allows multi-channel marketers to track which media channels and driving calls with 100 percent accuracy.”

Multichannel Marketing integrates with campaign tracking in Google AdWords. Further, Iovox enables marketers to track website call conversions from ads, including calls made from extensions and call-only campaigns.

While campaign-level tracking is helpful, the Iovox multichannel solution allows customers to go two steps further: Iovox’s solution provides call data all the way down to the keyword level to analyse and optimise ad spend, as well as identify which ad groups and keywords drive the most calls and offline conversions.

Multichannel Marketing enables insight to referring channels via insertion of a Javascript code snippet on webpages where marketing campaign phone numbers appear. For paid search, social or email campaigns, each time an ad is clicked, the number displayed on the landing page is swapped for a unique number, representing the channel, campaign, ad group or keyword. For organic search, each time someone clicks a link from a referring site, Iovox swaps the number to associate the call with its referring location.

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