Lack of SCV hindering targeting, says report

26th March 2015 • Notebook

Just 6% of marketers have a holistic view of their customers, despite 90% agreeing that the Single Customer View is a top priority.

A report publishing by Signal, says that this will hinder cross-channel measurement, targeting and personalisation.

The report says that marketers agree that SCV is vital to improving return on marketing spend and providing the seamless experiences that today’s always-on customers expect.

“Cross-channel identity is make-or-break for marketing success in today’s connected world,” said Neil Joyce, Managing Director, EMEA at Signal.  “Consumers are always on via the web, mobile, in stores, and more. Yet, this report shows that marketers globally are challenged to create the seamless experience buyers now expect and demand from brands. We found similar results when we drilled down into feedback from European markets.”

The survey also found that 62% of respondents stated that fragmented data leads to incomplete marketing measurement and hinders the ability to personalise customer experiences. 35% also state that they cannot understand the customer journey with incomplete data, and one quarter say it causes inefficient and wasteful media buying.

In addition, marketers agree that the promise of a real-time, single customer view is ideal, but difficult to achieve. The study found 57% of marketers are unable to merge profile fragments as data becomes available, and 55% lack the ability to collect and connect data across channels. Current tools used by marketers aren’t helping solve these problems, as 70% say their solutions have gaps in data capabilities or effectiveness. Only 8% of respondents say their tools are doing a good job in helping them develop a unified customer view.

Marketers also struggle to gather and integrate data from many of the most common consumer touch points. Only 37% of marketers can collect and integrate mobile app data, and only half can do so from CRM systems. Less than half – 42% – can collect and connect ad impression data, and only 23% are able to gather and merge Point of Sale (POS) data.

“We wanted to understand the importance of a unified customer view and the issues faced by marketers in achieving it,” said Joyce. “Results confirmed that marketers need data first and foremost to understand cross-channel identity. However, they currently struggle to cover all channels and close the gaps in their solutions.”

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