Marketo engine automates content allocation

14th June 2013 • Software News & Reviews

By James Lawson
Cloud-based marketing software platform provider Marketo has announced the availability of the Marketo Customer Engagement engine, which it claims is the first marketing solution that intelligently and automatically manages the timing and distribution of the right content, to the right person at the right time.

The Customer Engagement engine automatically and intelligently provides prospects and customers with the best and freshest message based on who they are and what content they have seen in the past. With older solutions, if anything changed, or if new content and offers were created, the marketer had to re-program the system. Now, with this new engine, marketers can simply drag-and-drop new or modified materials into Marketo’s automated Smart Streams, and the system automatically manages the timing and sending of the right content, to the right person, at the right time.

This capability makes the marketer’s job radically less complicated and far more productive as they spend time being marketers – creating compelling content and messages – rather than spending time manually programming complex interaction scenarios.

“Before this new innovation from Marketo, every marketing automation and campaign management system on the market – frankly, including our own – required marketers to create complex logic to coordinate the flow of rich and relevant content to each individual customer,” said Phil Fernandez, CEO of Marketo.
“Email providers are even further behind, and don’t give marketers the ability to build individual customer dialogs. Simply put, it’s just been too hard. With a continuous focus on thought leadership and innovation, our team at Marketo has carefully studied the needs of modern relationship marketing professionals, and we have invented a completely new solution to this vexing challenge. We are thrilled to introduce the Marketo Customer Engagement engine, and we think this innovation will become a new standard for marketers everywhere.”

Marketo Customer Engagement not only intelligently manages content distribution and communication, but it also protects the marketer against pitfalls in this complex world of content marketing. With dozens of campaigns, offers, and pieces of content “in flight” at any time, marketers inevitably miss something – and as a result a customer or prospect might receive an email with obsolete messaging, or might accidentally receive three text messages in the same day, or might be skipped completely since they have exhausted all the available content. Marketo’s Customer Engagement engine continuously monitors customer communications, and automatically corrects and alerts the marketer before a problem happens. It allows the marketer to feel safe and know that their campaigns will put the best foot forward with customers and prospects. That makes the marketing programs look good. That makes the marketer look great.

Marketo Customer Engagement gives the marketer unique insight into the performance of their content and offers using proprietary machine learning algorithms from Marketo’s data science team to provide a single measure of the overall impact of content on customer engagement and results. The Engagement Score gives the marketer a standard metric to measure the performance of messages over time and lets them continuously tune and improve the engagement of their campaigns.

With Marketo Customer Engagement, marketers no longer have to architect complex programs campaigns that take a lot of time to build and even more time to manage.

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