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Merger drives B2B technology dataset improvements

21st October 2015 • News

Aberdeen Group and Harte Hanks Market Intelligence have merged and now operate under the Aberdeen Group brand. The merger has prompted significant enhancements to the organisation’s B2B technology spend dataset.

CiTechnology Data Set is a resource for insight into B2B technology buying behaviour. It represents the nucleus of Aberdeen Group’s capabilities surrounding data science, community buying behaviour modelling and delivery of content appropriate to buyers’ stage in the purchase journey.

The merger means Aberdeen Group now provides a complete B2B technology marketing solution, from advanced market analysis through to impactful content delivery. CiTechnology Data Set now tracks more than $2bn in global technology spend each year, at both the company and individual level. Further enhancements made since the merger include:

• Install-based tracking doubled – a total of 8,878 installed technologies are now monitored and reported on around the globe.

• ‘Elite’ technology profiles increased threefold to nearly 10 million contacts across the IT buying centres most important to sales, marketing and business intelligence professionals. These profiles contain up to 520 field attributes providing a broad and highly actionable picture of technology contacts and companies.

• Real-time purchase monitoring solution CI Pipeline is now tracking more than 3,000 net-new, in-market purchasing initiatives per month across more than 35 technology categories to provide ‘active leads’.

• 300 technology-focused digital interest classifiers have been added, enabling interrogation of companies and contacts based on their digital and online profiles.

Managing Director of Aberdeen Group Europe, Judith Niederschelp (pictured), said: “Our goal is to provide robust buyer insight for the technology industry, and to help leverage that insight. CiTechnology Data Set is the cornerstone of our offering. It provides sales and marketing professionals with intelligence on who their ideal audiences are, what they are interested in now and how to connect with them. This raft of enhancements will go a long way boosting the depth and breadth of high value data we draw on to define, predict and elicit technology spend.”

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