Mortascreen launches suppression app on Salesforce AppExchange

31st July 2015 • News

Mortascreen is launching what is thought to be the first ever suppression Salesforce App downloadable via Salesforce’s app platform AppExchange. The organisation is seeking organisations who host their database on Saleforce to test the new offering for free in its beta phase.

Wilmington Millennium says the app will enable organisations to quickly and cost effectively identify and remove people that have passed away from their consumer databases held on Salesforce. The number of organisations using Salesforce to store and manage consumer data is growing, particularly amongst the charity and SME community.

After the test phase organisations will be able to download the Mortascreen App and match their data against the file for free. Once the app has identified the number of deceased records it will give the user the option to flag the records by making a credit card payment of 50p per match. The app also has an automatic schedule feature, which will give users the chance to automatically run Mortascreen through the Salesforce data at regular intervals ensuring that the data is clean, compliant with Data Protection principles and campaign-ready. It will be the most cost-effective deceased suppression solution for companies using Salesforce to host their customer data.

Says Karen Pritchard, Product Director, Wilmington Millennium: “We believe that by making Mortascreen available on Salesforce  we will stop even more direct mail (and email) being sent to people that have passed away, which serves as a painful reminder to those family members left behind. Our market research shows that increasingly smaller companies and charities are turning to Salesforce to host their consumer datasets and therefore it makes perfect sense to create a suppression solution for this market.”

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