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PCA Predict captures Queen’s Award

22nd April 2016 • News

PCA Predict has received a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation 2016 for its address validation service, Capture+.

Yesterday’s (21st April) conferral coincided with the sovereign’s 90th birthday.

The company won the award in recognition of how its search-based method of retrieving address data has helped to transform its market. It enables customers to more easily capture international addresses where the postcode or zip code may not exist.

Co-founder of PCA Predict, Guy Mucklow, said: “Our vision at PCA Predict to ‘transform our market through the power of search and service’, is an exceptionally powerful statement which requires a high level of confidence in knowing how your market needs to evolve and in the ability of your team to deliver.

“The company is delighted to have been recognised through the Queen’s Award for Enterprise Innovation. We’re really looking forward to the next few years as we launch a new range of predictive services which we believe will further enhance our position in managing online customer experience.”

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