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REaD Group to launch next-gen data management platform

24th June 2015 • News

REaD Group is to launch a novel data management environment to allow brands and agencies to directly access the vast quantities of data that REaD Group owns and manages.

The drive for this solution is to ensure that the right data is available to brands at the right time for any key customer-related decisions, in real-time.

The platform will provide access to a combination of lifestyle data, such as peoples’ hobbies and interests, media consumption, including social media usage and response to direct marketing, as well as transactional data that REaD Group holds on millions of individuals. The amalgamation of all three areas provides an accurate and detailed profile of each individual, meaning brands can provide a new level of targeted and personalised service.

The platform will sit in the middle of a business’s data infrastructure, and REaD Group says it will be the most continuously-updated database of consumers in the UK, through ongoing surveys as well as data from a number of partners, both traditional and digital. This ensures that businesses using the platform will have a comprehensive database of customer information that is unparalleled in size, enabling them to make the right decisions and provide highly-personalised communications and offers to customers and prospects.

This bank of information is designed to replace legacy systems that provide access to existing data assets but require manipulation to create a cross-customer view. The new platform will allow access for profiling, data appending and modelling against large databases or on an individual record basis, with real-time access.

The new platform will be live by the end of summer 2015 and is intended to revolutionise the way that data is accessed and consumed by both agencies and brands in the UK.

Jon Cano-Lopez (pictured), Chief Executive of REaD Group, commented: “This truly represents the evolution of the data landscape and will transform many industries. The strong cohesion of data and easy-access that the platform provides means that companies will have a granular understanding of each customer as an individual, enabling brands to target the right people, in the right place and at the right time, building better relationships as a result. We will be implementing the new platform imminently – watch this space.”

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