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Repermissioning rockets as GDPR renders three-quarters of customer data obsolete

10th August 2017 • Notebook

Up to three-quarters of the UK’s customer data held within organisations’ marketing databases will become useless after the introduction of the GDPR, according to a new study from W8 Data.

The new data protection legislation changes current consent requirements. From next May permissions must be opt-in with a clear affirmative action required. Failure to opt-out will no longer be sufficient consent. Additionally, consent must be granular with separate options being provided to customers; for instance, permission to send direct marketing materials, permission for data profiling, etc.

A data audit carried out by W8 Data found that only 25% of existing customer data meets the requirements specified under GDPR. To use existing data, marketers must be satisfied that it meets the new standard and have a fully documented permission trail including the data and source of the consent.

The audit also found that one in three marketing campaigns are now focused around securing compliant consents, with customer acquisition, customer retention and brand building taking more of a back seat. Additionally, research shows that currently only 35% of organisations have a regular data cleansing process in place that includes suppression, deduplication and permission management.

Dave Lee, from W8 Data, commented: “It’s unsurprising that repermissioning campaigns are rocketing as marketers are waking up to the realisation that much of their data will be useless come May 2018. However, what is crucial moving forwards is that the opted-in data is quality checked and well maintained, otherwise it risks becoming uncompliant and unusable. The fact that two-thirds of organisations are currently failing to regularly review their data speaks volumes, and under GDPR is something that is going to have to change.”

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