Rich data collection easier than ever with third gen Janrain

19th December 2012 • Software News & Reviews

By James Lawson
Social web user management solutions provider Janrain has released to market the third generation of its industry leading user registration solution, already deployed by dozens of global brands including The Economist,, Life Champions and Channel 4 among others.

The solution lets customers easily customise registration forms and workflows to better collect rich profile data on their users to inform and empower marketing initiatives. An enhanced dashboard featuring detailed analytics that makes it even easier for digital marketers to gain deep insight about their online users is also included in this new release.

As consumers increasingly engage with brands across multiple off and online channels, companies face a common problem in getting consumers to actually register on their website. According to Janrain, research has shown that 86% of consumers are bothered by the need to register at a website and almost nine in 10 will give false information or leave forms incomplete when asked to create a new account.

Janrain’s solution makes it easy for consumers to register on a site, lowering the barriers to entry. The solution allows clients to tailor the registration form to collect the profile data most important to them, and enables site visitors to login with a social identity to speed the registration process. Information available to brands when people utilise social login includes verified email address, name, birthdate, location, gender, marital status and interests – data previously very difficult to collect. Conditional workflows enable fields and questions to be dynamically displayed in real-time based on known data or a user’s previous responses.

New features include easy customisation and styling capabilities and support for conditional workflows which enable progressive profiling. Additionanally, the third generation products also provides the ability to utilise Janrain solutions to power all methods of user data collection, including registration, polls and surveys, contests and promotions and newsletter sign-ups.

“The Janrain User Management Platform has been a valuable asset to our customers looking to improve user intelligence and increase their marketing efficacy since we introduced it in 2008,” said Larry Drebes, CEO of Janrain. “Now, with the third generation release of our platform, hundreds of major organisations that turn to Janrain to power critical registration functionality on their website get an even more robust solution, right out of the box, to support those efforts.”

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