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Sailthru Sightlines moves to general release

5th August 2015 • News

Sailthru, specialists in driving customer lifetime value through personalisation, has revealed that Sailthru Sightlines is now in general release and available to all ecommerce and media clients.

Originally launched last year in a private beta, Sightlines predicts the behaviours and most likely actions of individual customers and generates significant lift for clients across key revenue metrics.

Sightlines is the first behavioural predictions technology built directly into a marketing automation and personalisation platform. Brands that utilised Sightlines combined with personalisation reaped significant benefits from the solution.

The Clymb, one of Internet Retailer’s Top 500 ecommerce companies for 2015, sought out a solution for optimising revenue generation and customer lifetime value. By including personalisation as a core component and building it into the customer experience, The Clymb saw an 11.8% lift in revenue and an 8.2% lift in purchases from email in January 2015 (when compared to results from non-personalised communications). When combined with Sightlines starting in March 2015, The Clymb then saw an immediate 71% lift in email revenue, 175% lift in revenue per send, and a 72% reduction in opt outs per sale.

“With Sightlines, Sailthru now solves the three greatest challenges that marketers face today: building a single customer view, delivering cross-channel engagement and distilling data into insight,” said Sarah Seiff Lewis, Email Marketing Manager, The Clymb.

With Sightlines, brand marketers can predict customer lifetime value at the individual level, giving an accurate view into the revenue that retained customers will generate as far as one year forward. With this information, brands can then optimise acquisition to increase the volume of high value customers gained through their digital marketing mix.

Channel marketers can use Sightlines to dramatically advance customer segmentation strategies without the use of RFM modeling or other, more complicated, forms of analysis. When compared to RFM modeling, Sightlines more accurately identified nearly twice as many top revenue-producing customers, enabling marketers to more effectively increase sales volume and velocity.

For media companies, Sightlines reveals which customers are more likely to engage and predicts the volume of pageviews that can be expected, along with other key revenue and engagement-related metrics. For ecommerce companies, the solution predicts which customers will purchase, when they are most likely to do so, at what price points and even total revenue value for individual customers for an entire year.



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