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SendGrid extends platform with new marketing email service

2nd December 2015 • Software News & Reviews

SendGrid, an email delivery platform, has launched SendGrid Marketing Campaigns, with the intention of “empowering marketers to drive meaningful and lasting engagements with their customers”. 

The entirely new marketing email service is built for developers — with easy to implement APIs — and designed for marketers, with flexible, streamlined campaign creation workflows.

With SendGrid Marketing Campaigns, marketers can create, send and track campaigns to drive customer engagement. Marketers can launch and optimise a variety of campaigns including customer retention, new customer acquisition, company newsletter communications, promotional emails and product and company announcements.

Features include: wizardless campaign creation workflow; subscriber and contact list management; robust campaign analytics; A/B subject line and content testing; full API Parity and more.

“Both transactional and marketing email are critical to a successful customer engagement strategy that nurtures one-to-one relationships with key audiences. SendGrid is proud to offer both services to our customers in a single platform,” said Sameer Dholakia, CEO of SendGrid.

“With Marketing Campaigns, our platform now provides an affordable pathway to optimize and mature email engagement, enabling businesses to scale and evolve their strategy from a one to many conversation to a more targeted, personal relationship with their customers.”

Marketing Campaigns is built on top of SendGrid’s cloud-based email platform which delivers 20 billion emails per month. SendGrid says it offers strong inbox delivery rates, best-in-class scalability, and the largest support and account management services team in the industry.

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