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Software Bureau launches accreditations for Direct Mail industry

4th September 2015 • News

In response to industry demand The Software Bureau is launching The Cygnus Academy, a series of accreditations covering data processing for direct mail production and data hygiene.

The accreditations can be gained by attending examined training courses, which will take place around the country throughout the year. The training courses will be offered in three levels: introductory, intermediate and advanced. They are open to anyone in the industry, not just Cygnus users.

The Introductory level course will ensure delegates are capable of not only using the software on a productive level, but also have a rudimentary understanding of data production and cleansing.

Moving into more advanced areas of software functionality and industry practices, those completing the Intermediate level course will achieve a good level of knowledge and be able to perform and complete more demanding data campaigns.

At the end of the Advanced level course, the user will have a significant knowledge of advanced features, including scripting techniques, and a much better appreciation of industry best practices specifically concerning the ‘green’ aspect of direct mail and data cleansing.

To accompany the Cygnus Academy, The Software Bureau is launching the first data hygiene and data processing educational forum on LinkedIn. Industry figures will be able to share development suggestions, ask questions and discuss topical issues such as the introduction of Mailmark.

Mark Dobson, Client Services Director for The Software Bureau, commented: “We’re excited to be launching the Cygnus Academy as we believe, after listening to clients and speaking to other industry figures, that there is a need for an element of qualification in data processing and data hygiene.

“Anecdotally, employers have said that having an accreditation on a CV will make applicants more attractive. But equally, we’re hoping that providing data processing and hygiene training we can add an additional layer of legitimacy to direct mail, which continues to be attacked in the popular press.”

The first courses are taking place in September and October and will cost a nominal fee of £150.

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