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  • Tin of spam

    Rogue marketers fined £100k

    8th September 2016 • NewsComments (0)

    Two companies have been fined a total of £100,000 by the ICO for bombarding the public with spam texts and nuisance calls. Omega Marketing Services, which sells solar panels and green energy equipment, made 1.6 million calls to people who were registered...

  • List of names

    ICO raids house in hunt for dodgy data sellers

    9th June 2016 • NewsComments (0)

    The ICO has raided a house in Sheffield as part of an investigation into illegal trading of personal data. It is thought that people living at the address could be selling data lists to marketing companies to be used in making nuisance calls. The ICO received...

  • Call centre operator

    Firm that used fake local numbers fined

    1st April 2016 • NewsComments (0)

    A Blackburn company which pestered people with nuisance calls from a fake local number has been fined £20,000 by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). Dozens of complaints were made to the ICO about Advice Direct, which was marketing a service it...

  • Receiving a phone call

    Red Cross commits to fundraising best practice

    26th February 2016 • NewsComments (0)

    British Red Cross has signed an undertaking committing the charity to best practice around fundraising calls. Over and above following the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations, the charity will only call potential donors if they have specifically...

  • Block of flats at night

    Firm fined for ‘frightening’ late night sales calls

    17th February 2016 • NewsComments (0)

    A West Midlands firm which made thousands of nuisance phone calls in the middle of the night has been fined £70,000 by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). It comes the same week as a Manchester company, MyIML, was fined £80,000 by the ICO for...

  • Telephone receiver

    ICO warns nuisance call companies

    6th January 2016 • NewsComments (0)

    After imposing more than a million pounds worth of penalties for nuisance calls and text messages in 2015, the ICO has issued a stark warning to rogue marketers that more fines are on the way this year. Andy Curry, ICO Enforcement Group Manager, said:...

  • Pneumatic drill

    ‘Industrial deafness’ nuisance caller fined

    14th December 2015 • NewsComments (0)

    The ICO has ordered a businessman to stop making unsolicited marketing calls relating to potential claims for industrial hearing injuries. Over 1,000 complaints were made to the ICO and the TPS about Aurangzeb Iqbal, then trading as the Hearing Clinic, who...

  • Smortphone

    ICO fines spam texter

    25th November 2015 • NewsComments (0)

    A PPI claims company that sent more than 1.3 million spam texts has been fined £80,000 by the ICO. This is the first of three fines totalling £250,000 that the ICO will issue this week to companies behind nuisance calls and texts. UKMS Money Solutions...

  • Telephone receiver

    ICO makes suspected nuisance call raid

    25th June 2015 • NewsComments (0)

    The ICO has raided a business believed to be behind millions of nuisance calls. ICO staff searched a south Manchester call centre and related office they believed contained an automatic dialler suspected of making 100,000 calls a day. It is thought the...

  • Smortphone

    ICO gets tough with lead-gen firm

    25th March 2015 • NewsComments (0)

    The ICO has ordered Sweet Media Ltd, a lead generation company, to stop sending nuisance texts. The enforcement notice was issued after the ICO raided a SIM farm in Wolverhampton last May. SIM cards and computer equipment were seized and the subsequent...