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    Deceased mail set to soar in 2017

    26th January 2017 • NotebookComments (0)

    Direct mail sent to people that have passed away is set to surpass 200 million pieces for the first time because of the increasing mortality rate, according to a new study by Wilmington Millennium. 2016 has already earned its place in history as the year of...

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    Cutting through online noise

    5th January 2017 • FeaturesComments (0)

    by James Lawson, Contributing Editor As digital budgets continue to rocket towards half of all UK advertising spend, why would you move back into direct mail? Because it cuts through the online noise, because it complements other media, because people take...

  • Junk mail in waste basket

    Decline in ‘junked’ mail

    7th November 2016 • NotebookComments (0)

    Better targeting is cited as a key factor in a “significant” reduction in the number of pieces of direct mail that are thrown away and recycled unopened. Research from Wilmington Millennium Mortascreen reveals that 1.3 billion items went straight in the...

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    Reverse marketing: majority need to move forward

    23rd August 2016 • NotebookComments (0)

    Sixty per cent of marketers do not practice reverse marketing – the management of direct mail returns – a new study has revealed. The research, conducted by the Software Bureau, also found that this comes at a cost of £4.02 per returned piece of mail....

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    UK businesses wasting £1bn annually on mistargeted direct mail

    27th January 2016 • NewsComments (0)

    New research reveals that mistargeted direct mail is costing UK businesses almost a billion pounds (£965,800,000) each year, comprising £772,800,000 of unrealised revenue and £192,000,000 production costs. The findings by The Software Bureau come in the...

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    Direct mail gets stamp of approval

    18th December 2015 • NewsComments (0)

    Direct mail has experienced a significant spike in interest and take-up in the last three months. That’s according to market analysis, sales figures and incoming leads from data quality and hygiene firm The Software Bureau. The Software Bureau cites two...

  • Tony Kemp

    Free mailshot creation tool updated

    29th September 2015 • NewsComments (0)

    Direct mail specialist DMP has relaunched its updated free, online tool for creating mailshots. The platform, Hello Market, lets users create bespoke mailshots online then click to post out hard copy mailings allowing them to communicate with customers in a...

  • Sitting an exam

    Software Bureau launches accreditations for Direct Mail industry

    4th September 2015 • NewsComments (0)

    In response to industry demand The Software Bureau is launching The Cygnus Academy, a series of accreditations covering data processing for direct mail production and data hygiene. The accreditations can be gained by attending examined training courses, which...

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    Direct mail gets stamp of approval

    27th July 2015 • NewsComments (1)

    The demise of direct mail has been largely exaggerated and still holds a place in today’s digital world, suggests Patrick Tame, CEO of digital marketing recruitment firm, Beringer Tame. Following reports that Royal Mail has partnered with a large British...

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    DMA seeks assurances over VAT confusion

    22nd April 2015 • NewsComments (0)

    Three weeks on from its own deadline, HMRC is yet to release any formal guidance on the correct allocation of VAT for organisations that use mail, and the DMA has called on the new Government’s Treasury Minister to ensure no firm is penalised as a result of...