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  • washing machines

    It’s time to clean up your act

    17th August 2017 • FeaturesComments (0)

    by James Lawson, Consulting Editor Transferring files back and forth to an external data cleanser can be a time-consuming and risky process. What are the alternatives? Contributors: Alex Dickerson | Enterprise Solutions Sales Lead, Celerity Mark Webb | Ops...

  • Connecting data

    The value exchange: keeping your side of the bargain

    2nd August 2016 • FeaturesComments (0)

    by Antony Begley, Managing Editor Contributors: Martin Doyle | CEO, DQ Global Graham Clark | Sales Manager, HelpIT Systems Matt Gregory | Account Director, PCA Predict With an increasingly data-savvy audience that is happy to volunteer personal data in return...

  • Perfect & Merge

    DQ Global launches new features to Perfect & Merge for MS Dynamics CRM

    16th March 2016 • NewsComments (0)

    DQ Global has released Perfect & Merge for MS Dynamics CRM with new automated Master Record Selection features.  Perfect & Merge offers many more capabilities than the out-of-the-box duplicate detection in MS Dynamics CRM, allowing for multiple...

  • 3d cubes

    Quality is everything

    4th February 2016 • FeaturesComments (0)

    by James Lawson, Contributing Editor Even putting aside the forthcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation, there is no excuse for poor data quality, however the fact remains that many data users still seem blind to the benefits of clean, up-to-date data,...

  • Everybody needs an education

    3rd December 2015 • FeaturesComments (0)

    by James Lawson, Contributing Editor The UK population changes on a daily basis as people move house, move job and pass away – so it makes perfect sense for databases to be updated on a regular basis, but with more files and more sources than ever before,...

  • appRules splash screen

    DQ Global integrates with appRules

    19th November 2015 • Software News & ReviewsComments (0)

    DQ Global, a global provider of data quality software and services, has announced its integration with appRules. With DQ Global technologies inside of appRules, users now have access to the most up to date Workflow Rules Automation Technology.  AppRules...

  • Cloud

    Validation for the nation

    19th August 2015 • FeaturesComments (0)

    by James Lawson, Contributing Editor As more businesses begin to see the benefits of addressing software, competition is intensifying, leading to increased pressure on validation services, however cloud-based services are making life a little easier, allowing...

  • DQ Global Partner Program fills the Gap

    17th July 2015 • NewsComments (0)

    DQ Global has teamed up with Gap Consulting to expand the reach of its Microsoft Dynamics CRM data quality software suite. DQ Global says the partnership will enable their clients to take advantage of the data quality tools built with Dynamics CRM in mind –...

  • Screenshot from Perfect & Merge

    Perfect & Merge makes complex tasks straightforward

    24th June 2015 • Software News & ReviewsComments (1)

    With its new deduplication tool, Perfect & Merge, DQ Global has created a software solution that uses sophisticated matching techniques in MS CRM without the need to import an external list, with functions that are streets ahead of the competition....

  • Steve Webster

    CRM data enhancement can sharpen your sales pitch

    12th May 2015 • OpinionsComments (0)

    Steve Webster | Director of Sales, DQ Global In the old days, you knew who to contact to make business. There were a few job functions, and a few levels of seniority. A name with job function was usually enough for you to hit the bullseye more often than...