The Data Partnership joins small business data marketing scheme

19th September 2014 • News

Data provider The Data Partnership has announced that it has joined part the Government’s Growth Voucher Scheme developed by Lord Young to provide small businesses in the UK with matched-funding data marketing strategies and business advice. Operated by small business network, Enterprise Nation, the £30m scheme has teamed up with accredited professionals to distribute vouchers to around 20,000 small businesses in the UK. It is part of a Government experiment to examine how external advice can help small enterprises overcome growth barriers as well as identify ways in which the Government could improve and accelerate the UK’s business economy.

Lord Young commented: “External, strategic advice is key to commercial success and has helped thousands of businesses to grow. I have received fantastic feedback from small business owners who have taken up this great offer, using the online marketplace to select a strategic advisor to help them shape their business growth and improve performance.”

Small businesses in the UK could be eligible to receive up to £2,000 worth of business support and advice should they meet carefully selected criteria and be prepared to match the funds provided by the Government. Only businesses that have been running for over a year, have fewer than 249 employees and have not paid for strategic external business advice in the past three years can apply for the vouchers.

Managing Director at The Data Partnership, Victoria Pooley, commented: “We are absolutely thrilled to have qualified as an approved Growth Voucher Advisor in this scheme. With over a decade of experience in the data and marketing industry, I strongly believe that businesses could benefit from utilising our advice and expertise to develop their marketing strategy and fundamentally grow their client portfolio.”

The Data Partnership’s data marketing advice covers anything from sourcing new customers and retaining existing ones, assistance with carrying out market research surveys, data supply and lead generation to proposing a marketing strategy, identifying profitable customer groups and ensuring your business’ data is up-to-date and compliant.

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