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Trillium Software offers data quality features for Dynamics CRM

4th June 2015 • News

Trillium Software has launched new enterprise-class data quality and enrichment features for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Trillium for Dynamics CRM enables customer relationship management administrators and users to achieve an accurate, complete and single view of their customer data as part of on-premise and Cloud-based data quality operations. Trillium’s integration supports Dynamics CRM Online, as well as 2013 and 2015 deployed on-premise.

The quality of customer data is extremely critical to the actual success and adoption of any CRM initiative, particularly for organisations that have made CRM the focal point of their customer-facing processes. Trillium says organisations will gain a far more accurate and complete view of their prospects and customers with the new software. In addition, these data quality services are delivered within the Dynamics CRM interface, providing an intuitive and consistent interface experience for end users and administrators.

“CRM investments represent a strategic commitment, and Trillium Software helps organisations harvest the value of that investment. Sales, marketing and customer service professionals depend on accurate, up-to-the-minute data,” said Keith Kohl, Vice President, Product Management at Trillium Software. “An organisation cannot commit to CRM and at the same time neglect the quality of customer data. With Trillium Software, organisations can rely on their data to provide an accurate view of the customer and be assured that it will help nurture existing relationships and enable deeper engagement with potential new clients.”

The Trillium for Dynamics CRM solution aims to help organisations analyse, validate, correct and enhance existing customer data, as well as data imported from marketing activities or third party providers. Dynamics CRM users can verify and validate email records, verify addresses, link contacts and accounts, update leads and contacts, and enrich their data with third party information.

This release introduces a new architecture for batch data cleansing operations, together with sophisticated multi-field record matching capabilities. These capabilities will address the requirements of both cloud deployment models as well as enterprises with large volumes of customer records.

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