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Trillium takes big data quality into Hadoop environment

17th February 2015 • News

Trillium Software has unveiled Trillium Big Data, the first data quality solution that brings the power of its flagship Trillium Software System directly to the Hadoop Big Data environment. Trillium Big Data runs natively in Hadoop to help business leaders and IT professionals create a single, accurate view of their customers in order to rapidly prepare data for critical applications such as fraud detection and purchase analysis. 

“Better data means better decisions. Trillium Software is the first data quality software provider to validate data that enables organizations to chart a buyer’s path to purchase,” said Phil Galati, Chief Executive Officer at Trillium Software. “In addition, timely risk mitigation, fraud detection and compliance are vital capabilities for sustaining competitive advantage in the retail, consumer products, and financial services industries.

Galati revealed that Trillium Big Data was the second in a series of planned new product launches for Trillium Software in 2015 which will help organisations increase the value of their data.

Trillium Big Data, powered by the Trillium Software System, enables organizations to perform a complete set of data quality capabilities, including profiling, validation and enrichment in a Hadoop environment. The solution helps organizations prepare data sets for predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Trillium now offers a specific solution with a strong level of direct integration with Hadoop to help you derive business value from high volume data sets to uncover new business insights across your global Hadoop environment,” said Keith Kohl, vice president, product management at Trillium Software. “With Trillium Big Data, the newest analytic techniques like machine learning and identity stitching are fully supported. As a result, the value of Big Data is improved by providing seamless, scalable and powerful data quality capabilities to current Hadoop environments while also architecting Trillium Big Data for the future for new execution frameworks such as Spark and Tez.”

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