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Webgains powers intelligent marketing with IBM Watson

14th March 2017 • News

Affiliate marketing network Webgains has partnered with IBM Watson to help online retailers advertise more intelligently.

In what it says is a performance marketing industry first, Webgains will harness IBM Watson cognitive technologies to increase both the efficiency and efficacy of digital ad placement through the development of a suite of products and APIs.

The initial phase will see Webgains develop a Virtual Assistant to support staff and clients with front line customer service tasks. The product will utilise APIs from the IBM Watson Developer Cloud portfolio including Watson Conversation, AlchemyLanguage, Retrieve and Rank, and Tone Analyzer.

The Virtual Assistant is intended to improve response time and efficiency, helping with basic tasks and questions as well as uploading promotional assets and assisting with invoices. It will be trained in English, German, French and Spanish. Learning over time, it will allow Webgains to analyse customer intent and trends to feed learnings into future service.

During phase two the focus will shift to intelligent ad placement. By processing extensive data including prevailing external trends, web queries, user data and social media analysis, Webgains’ insight should enable brands and retailers to make more informed decisions for their digital marketing strategies.

Richard Dennys, CEO of Webgains, commented: “The introduction of AI into Webgains’ suite of technology enables clients, publishers and staff to have more flexibility. Our account managers will have the tools to enhance efficiency and to make more intelligent decisions which will have a real impact on clients’ sales figures and ROI. This investment will make our service more valuable than ever.”

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