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Why can marketers no longer live without automation?

10th August 2017 • Opinions

by Adam Oldfield, Managing Director of UK-built and managed marketing automation specialist Force24.

There was a time when some marketers thought automation technology meant being lazy; relying on generic batch and blast techniques to reach a mass audience. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

In an era where relevance is so important, the days of lazy mass marketing have gone. Marketplace ‘noise’ is growing and it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from competitors. The need to personalise has never been so great. However, with more big data than ever before at marketers’ fingertips, personalisation is virtually impossible without intuitive automation technology in place.

So, why can marketers no longer live without automation?

It powers conversations

Intuitive automation means marketers can target, segment, track and take action, on a granular level, with ease. By defining personalised yet automated journeys it is possible to have thousands of seemingly one-to-one conversations at once, which will boost sales, satisfaction and retention levels.

It saves time

Virtually every marketing department in the UK is working hard to improve efficiencies without experiencing a downturn in results. And marketing automation is here to aid that. Savvy technology can map reams of data from multiple sources, for example, to build a more complete picture of a customer or prospect, within seconds. It can also take otherwise incredibly time-consuming (if not impossible) tasks and make them simple. In fact 3 of the latest features within Force24’s automation platform have been found to save marketers an average of 8 hours each week!

It optimises marketing spend

Marketers can deduce which campaigns are converting, via which channels and as a result of which keyword, which means marketing spend can be refined, budget slack reduced and ROI increased. The best marketing automation platforms present these findings, via easy-to-digest dashboards with real-time insight.

It supports truly multichannel journeys

Modern marketing relies on much more than email communications. The best automation platforms will therefore allow marketers to design truly multichannel journeys that incorporate SMS, direct mail and more! Even the initial creation of these journeys should be hassle-free.

Nail the journey and the funnel should soon become packed with prospects that are ripe for a call and can be converted into revenue, with minimal effort. If the objective is retention or upselling, the same principle applies. Tech can do the groundwork, until it’s the perfect time to pick up the phone.

It creates an insurgence of control

There’ll be a distinct step-change in roles this year, as marketers take back control. Marketing departments are being empowered to work more self-sufficiently, with triangulation of their own data, the creation of their own landing pages, and the management of their own deliverability profiles. Automation makes this possible.

That’s not to say marketing teams will start to work disparately from their colleagues. But, as automation becomes more intuitive, marketers will increasingly find that they have more knowledge, capabilities and potential at their fingertips, without needing to involve an IT expert.

It will support machine learning

This has become something of a hot topic but what does it mean? Essentially automation engines are increasingly using unparalleled intelligence to understand a user’s behavioural patterns and predict optimal engagement times, send frequencies and messaging, at any given second, and in real time.

This newfound level of insight will drive subject suggestions to specific users, boost deliverability profiles through increased relevance and heighten conversions by computing, in seconds, algorithms that the human marketer still cannot comprehend (certainly not without a forensics qualification!) This is when the result of marketing automation can get even more exciting!

Want to see how Force24 delivers these benefits of marketing automation? Visit the website to find out more or call 0845 272 5990 to arrange a free demo.

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