Black Friday in Hanoi

Black Friday overshadows Cyber Monday

2nd December 2015 • News

The “Black Friday Week” phenomenon seen this year has reduced the impact of Cyber Monday, according to research from real-time engagement marketing company Fresh Relevance.

Its findings show ecommerce web traffic on Cyber Monday was around 175% of normal, down from well over 200% from last year. Shopping traffic reached its peak on Cyber Monday in 2014, with Black Friday coming second at around 190%. The roles were reversed this year, with Black Friday traffic around 220% of normal levels.

This year, the Black Friday effect started on the previous Sunday and built throughout the week, as some brands jumped the gun and released offers early. This is in stark contrast to last year, when the previous week was actually lower as shoppers waited for deals.

The Thursday before Black Friday (better known as Thanksgiving in the USA), continued to do well.

It also appears that Black Friday is now firmly entrenched worldwide. It has certainly reached Vietnam (pictured).

Commenting on the increase in traffic, Pete Austin, Chief Technology Officer for Fresh Relevance, said: “We did not see any unusual activity, or notice any clients having problems. Clearly, marketers and support staff have got the hang of the peak loads.”

Fresh Relevance expects traffic to remain about 25% higher than normal in the run up to Christmas, like it did last year.

Ecommerce web traffic 2015

Web traffic 2015

Ecommerce web traffic 2014

Web traffic 2014

Charts are based on billions of page views across all of Fresh Relevance’s clients, about 50% in the UK and 50% worldwide.

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