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Up close and personal

18th August 2016 • FeaturesComments (0)

by James Lawson, Contributing Editor Contributors: Jane Dixon | Head of Market Strategy, SmartFocus Katharine Hulls | VP Marketing, Celebrus Technologies James Alty | MD, Apteco Tina Christison | Strategy Director for Data and CRM, Rapp Analytics-driven personalisation is the bedrock of today’s digital marketing, whether it’s delivered via web, email...

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Connecting data

The value exchange: keeping your side of the bargain

2nd August 2016 • FeaturesComments (0)

by Antony Begley, Managing Editor Contributors: Martin Doyle | CEO, DQ Global Graham Clark | Sales Manager, HelpIT Systems Matt Gregory | Account Director, PCA Predict With an increasingly data-savvy audience that is happy to volunteer personal data in return...

Personalised marketing out, individualised marketing in?

29th July 2016 • FeaturesComments (0)

by Antony Begley, Managing Editor New joint market research from Teradata Marketing Applications and Forbes Insights claims mass personalisation has failed and highlights agility as the best route to individualised marketing.  “Mass personalisation has...


Unlocking the GDPR: what does it really mean for marketers?

11th July 2016 • FeaturesComments (0)

by James Lawson, Contributing Editor Contributors: Andy Bridges | Data Quality and Governance Manager, The REaD Group Rosemary Smith | Director, Opt-4 Steve Mepham | Head of Technical Delivery, Celerity In April, the EU Parliament finally adopted the long...


Why don’t more marketers put email to the test?

17th June 2016 • FeaturesComments (0)

by James Lawson, Contributing Editor Testing emails is key to boosting both response and income – and it’s farcically cheap, simple and quick to do – so why don’t more marketers make testing a core element of their email strategy?...


Automatic for the people

9th June 2016 • FeaturesComments (0)

by James Lawson, Contributing Editor Despite huge consolidation in recent years, marketing automation remains a growth industry with more vendors than ever, and more powerful solutions than ever – arguably making it more difficult than ever for...

'Please give' jar

Charitable obligations

26th May 2016 • FeaturesComments (0)

by Kevin Scott The charity sector is facing an unprecedented funding crisis after a series of negative press stories over aggressive fund-raising strategies. With the third sector being so significant to the data marketing industry, MSPs, data agencies and...

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What role for B2B data in the digital world?

27th April 2016 • FeaturesComments (0)

by James Lawson, Contributing Editor With 80% of purchases now beginning online and customers 60% of the way towards making a decision before even contacting a supplier, what role does data have in this brave new world? Contributors: Jon Clarke | CEO, Cyance...

Jon Cano-Lopez

Take it as REaD

12th April 2016 • Features, OpinionsComments (0)

After a long and successful career in the data marketing industry Jon Cano-Lopez took over the reins at The REaD Group a year and a half ago and has helped refocus the business with a new, high-powered management team and a freshly unified strategy. Antony...

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Quality is everything

4th February 2016 • FeaturesComments (0)

by James Lawson, Contributing Editor Even putting aside the forthcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation, there is no excuse for poor data quality, however the fact remains that many data users still seem blind to the benefits of clean, up-to-date data,...