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Clicksco celebrates global growth with international office expansion

13th April 2017 • News

Clicksco Group, a one-to-one marketing specialist, has announced its expansion across three continents as one-fifth of its growing headcount relocate into larger premises.

Headquartered in Dubai, Clicksco employs around 150 people across 11 offices in nine countries. Successful office moves have already been made in England, where almost 70% of the company’s staff is based, and in India.

The moves come ahead of the relocation of Clicksco’s Vancouver office, which recently increased its headcount to a team of six, coupled with plans to strengthen the company’s UK presence in Southend. The team of 28 is poised to move into a newer facility in the English town during the summer.

Established in 2009, the group is also building and seeking partnerships in America, China and Southeast Asia, to help both grow operations and secure new contracts.

Steve Shutts, Group Executive Director at Clicksco Group, believes the cornerstone of the firm’s success is its ability to blend specialisms, offer a 24/7 service to its customers, while encouraging learning at each office. “Clicksco prides itself on a business that can turnaround high quality work in a very short timeframe. We achieve this through structuring our major offices that work incredibly close together to offer a combination of specialist skills, rather than individual offices containing all the skills of a single discipline.

“We have also found that by blending skills throughout each office team, we help our employees to see the bigger picture and learn more about the results of their efforts. For our clients, that also means an uninterrupted 24 hour, seven days a week service. This is ultimately more rewarding for our customers and our people and one of the factors that led us to seek more versatile space to accommodate our growing global workforce.”

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