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One channel doesn’t fit all, says Interactive Intelligence

1st December 2015 • Notebook

Interactive Intelligence Group, a global provider of customer engagement, communications and collaboration software and cloud services, has revealed nearly half the UK population (49%) would consider abandoning their online shopping if the vendor or supplier did not offer their preferred method of communication. Nearly a third (30%) of Brits admitted they had already halted an online sale from a vendor that did not offer this. 

In a survey examining the buying behaviour of 1,000 UK consumers, nearly three quarters (74%) said they would abandon their basket if a customer service representative was too slow to respond to them.

Dave Paulding, Regional Director, Interactive Intelligence, commented: “Understanding your customer’s shopping habits is one of the fundamentals to a successful business. The research demonstrates how important it is to ensure you understand their preferences and offer the right channels for customer engagement. Best-in-class customer engagement has the potential to increase sales considerably.”

Nine in ten Brits have a preferred method of communication when it comes to communicating with a vendor, and email is the top choice with nearly half of UK consumers (48%). Traditional methods of communication have low popularity with only 16% opting for the telephone and a further 16% choosing in-person as their preferred choice of communication. Real time chat is the desired choice amongst five per cent, with only two per cent favouring social media and one per cent instant messaging apps.

“With more online shopping being carried out every year, the businesses that get customer engagement right will have an advantage over competitors. This will make a big difference to sales, particularly at this time of year,” Paulding added. “One channel fits all does not work today. Businesses need to ensure they can offer the same high standard of communication across every channel.”

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