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REaD Group rebuilds hygiene suite

13th May 2016 • News

REaD Group has made major upgrades to its hygiene suite, which includes brands The Bereavement Register, The Gone Away Supression File and GAS REaCtive.

The Group has spent the last two years reviewing both existing and potential new sources of data – a process which has seen the addition of a second credit reference agency as well as other new sources.  A number of previous sources have failed to reach the new qualification criteria and have been removed from the combined solution.

The combined solution now provides just under 100m records, with the most significant growth in GAS REaCtive, which has added an additional 11.1m movers.  When testing the most recent data, the product has found new addresses for over 50% of the Gone Aways identified.  Matches of this level have rarely been seen before and are as a result of the increased level of certainty added by the new sources.

The complete hygiene suite comprises the following brands:

The Bereavement Register – holds 7.7m deceased records validated by two credit reference files as well as multiple official sources (registrars, funeral directors) as well as online registrations, of which most are received within seven days of the death.

The Gone Away Supression File – built from mapping the movement of the population through extensive datasets combining credit, transactional, and self-perpetuated data. New data adds an additional 36m records to make a total of 97.6m records.

GAS REaCtive – improvements include an additional 64% new linked address, delivering a total of 29.m addresses. Match rates will depend on both the file screened and recency of the data. Testing on the most recent data has found new addresses for over 50% of Gone Aways. The product also includes a ‘New Occupier’ feature, which can be used to identify who has replaced the Gone Aways.

Sitting within the REaD Group’s data management platform, The Oracle, data can be accessed via an application programming interface in real time for those that need “always on” access.

Jon Cano-Lopez (pictured), CEO at REaD Group, said: “The goal was simple; build the best all-round hygiene solution – and we have succeeded.  With the value of data set to skyrocket, there could not be a better time to ensure that you are both GDPR compliant and doing everything you can to maintain relationships with your customers.

“Our new data supply arrangements, now all sitting within our data management platform, The Oracle, allow us to multi-verify and cross-reference both positive and negative data all in one place, at the same time. The value of this is quite startling. We now have the most accurate and current view of the UK population, whether that be for targeting or maintaining the integrity of your customer base.”


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