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  • Cogs and gears

    Automation in a digital world

    6th April 2017 • FeaturesComments (0)

    by James Lawson, consulting editor Integration remains a key challenge for marketers in today’s digital world. Contributors Raj Balasundaram | Global Head of Solutions, Emarsys Robin Collyer | Leader in Next Best Action & Contextual Customer...

  • Cogs and gears

    Automation diversification

    28th April 2015 • FeaturesComments (0)

    by James Lawson, Contributing Editor The benefits of marketing automation are plain to see, yet only a relatively small number of businesses are taking advantage – though with even SMEs now more open to investing in a marketing automation system,...

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    Matching expectation and engagement

    14th January 2015 • NotebookComments (0)

    A disparity between consumer expectations and retailers’ engagement plans has been revealed in a new study. Some 53% of retailers believe that speed of service is the top priority for customers when they engage with the organisation online, however 62% of...