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    Businesses missing sophisticated approach to data, finds study

    24th February 2016 • NotebookComments (0)

    Ninety per cent of businesses feel they are missing a sophisticated approach to managing data effectively. This is despite them being increasingly aware of the revenue boosting potential of their data, with 79% stating that they see customer data driving most...

  • Addressing the nation

    25th November 2015 • FeaturesComments (0)

    by James Lawson, Contributing Editor In the world of addressing, keeping data clean is a far bigger challenge than growing the size of a database, but with quality and quantity both being of huge importance having cutting-edge software and the best reference...

  • Global Data Quality Research discussion paper

    Data quality suffering in age of big data

    12th March 2015 • NotebookComments (0)

    New research has revealed that companies are struggling with the volumes of data they now handle. Experian’s 2015 Global Data Quality Research found that 92% of businesses suspect their data might be inaccurate in some way. On average, respondents think...